We love those wooden toys we have kept for generations are been transformed into funny pieces for our little ones. The best for them are those toys that help them to develop their cognitive abilities, to wake up their creativity and let their imagination free!

Pinch Toys are exactly like that. They use simple ideas which always work. This back to origins is lovely because these toys can last for generations, waking up their curiosity once and again. Is there anybody who hasn’t built a city with wooden blocks?


This brand creates ecological toys; they use wood, cotton and non-toxic paint. However, the most important thing is that every piece is handmade. Their minimalist design gives them the chance to imagine and create new uses for them.


There are two lines of toys in Pinch Toys: the wooden toys (cars, planes, cars or even a funny cat with wheels as well as building blocks to create everything they can imagine) and fabric toys, a great alternative for the youngest: some lovely fish, a cushion or mobiles for their cribs or just to decorate their kids’ room.

Their minimalism is able to make everybody fall in love with it. Black and white tones, natural wood and simple shapes. This is a good way to introduce them in the world of games, with pieces which stimulate their mind as well as their ability to create new worlds once and again.


Pinch Toys has been successful with the creation of handmade toys as they are so beautiful that they can be used as part of the room’s decoration when kids are not using them. We can imagine these details included in a Nordic-style room where complements are simple but useful, like these toys.

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