Pink. This is the feminine and romantic colour. It’s really fun so is often used in kids’ decoration. If is over-used it could be too much but in a balanced combination is really charming. Today, we bring you some ideas to apply it with some little touches. Pastel tones are the best, take a look to Laurette’s proposal! Here we go! 12 pink bedrooms that we really love!

Pink children’s rooms: Pastel tones


Little Hands

This wallpaper is really cute, in spite of being completely pink, it’s a soft tone so is very nice. What about this resting place to read? It seems like one of those handmade ideas which we want to copy now!


buro 247

This is an example to show how to fill a charming kids’ space with some touches of color. White is the focus of attention, but there are also some animal prints and pink touches in bedding or even in some of the soft toys. Really sweet.

Pink children’s rooms: Mixing prints



Cotemaison knows how to mix prints to get a very cute bedroom. Stripes and spots are perfectly combined. Of course, you can only do it if you really know how. It’s not the easiest option, but it’s really original.

Pink children’s room: Teepees make the difference



We can say this is our favourite. Everything is perfect! They use white, black and grey with Nordic style and add a bit of pink. We are in love with that cool teepee which every girl would love and the bed can´t be more romantic!


Bodie and Fou

Here, we can see some orange silk tones which contrast with that mint green teepee.

Pink children’s rooms for simple mums


mommo design

Although we like simplicity, their room can be fabulous too! Here we find a great example. White is the main colour, but we can also a the pink prints like the blanket’s geometrical print or the pillows.


gode onsker

If you don’t like prints, you can use pink on the furniture, on the wall or even on the floor!

If there’s a colourful space you should choose soft tones.

Infinite details for pink children’s room


Mi casa

This is true. We can buy the best furniture or paint the walls but if we don’t know how to choose the details we can spoil the whole space. Choosing similar tones, bright or pastel, is something really important although you mix them later. Variety always adds personality!


Petit & Small

Talking about personality…this is a great example. This kids’ room is only suitable for colour and prints lovers. The final result is great, the vintage touch of the fabrics provides lots of fun!


El Mueble

This is a classic option. Pink is present in every textile, combined with the walls and some objects. A subtle touch and you’ll get a magazine’s decoration!

Pink children rooms: Bohemian style


My desired home

Bohemian style is lovely, its DIY details, its flashy textiles and the vintage furniture…The pink touch must be bright and intense like in this bed. This shelves made of drawers are great, don’t you think?


Lovely life

This is the last pink room we show you today. Pay attention to that mini furniture, it’s really cute! Pink walls add the romantic touch. Thay also mix different textile, colours and different furniture. Everybody needs to express their feelings in his own way, we just suggest some ways to do it.