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It’s clear that kids need a play area for them. There, they can learn and develop their skills with toys this is why they must have these spaces from the beginning. We can even have a play area in the nursery to spend with them their first findings, games and learning experiences. Well, this is OK but…How can you create a play area? We give you the key with six simple ideas.

Play Area, Teepees and Refuges


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A cabin in the wood, the fort created with wooden houses or the way we shelter under the sheets proof that kids really love refuges. If you have space enough you can add one of these wonderful teepees to the kids’ room. This is a place where they can have a rest, read or invent stories.

Play Area, Tables and Chairs


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If you are creating their playing area you must consider some functional aspects. Furniture according to their size to enjoy this space is a great idea. They can have their first table with the matching chair to draw, paint and read their first books.

Playing Area Vintage Rocking Horse


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Special details are really important, you must choose beautiful toys like this wooden rocking horses. They are funny, timeless and a very good option to decorate and add a vintage touch.

Play Area, Rugs to Play


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If they are still too young and they crawl you must offer them a fluffy rug to walk on while they are discovering the world around them. Later, it can be used to play on the floor. This specific piece is very beautiful and it seems really soft, it’s perfect for kids. If you add a baby’s gym they can also develop their senses.

Play Area, Chalkboard Walls


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Do you want to improve their artistic skills? There’s not a better way than a blackboard. You can even use chalkboard paint on the walls , the door or a piece of furniture so they can create in a free way.

Play Area, Functional Storage


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If there’s a must in a playroom this is storage space. Present storage furniture is really cute so we can add lots of drawers, wooden boxes with wheels, storage bags or wicker baskets.

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