As we continue to live in very difficult times, I wanted to share an initiative called Play at home.

Play at home is designed to inspire people across the world with creative ideas for play using a range of materials found around the house. The idea was founded by Katya Runge of afilii. She encourages people to share their creative, play ideas and to enjoy the other activities featured.

Play at home is for anyone, of any age or culture. The initiative inspires people with the power of creativity. It supports positive feelings and maintains togetherness.

It is the perfect way to spend quality time with family. Creating long lasting, happy memories in a difficult and uncertain world.

Here are a selection of fabulous play ideas from

Fork tower.

Build a tower as high as you can using only forks from the kitchen draw.

Walk like an animal.

Try walking like lots of different animals.

Spot the difference in the room.

Look carefully at the a room. Then everyone leaves the room except one player changes, who changes 5 things in the room. This may be hiding something, moving something, opening a window etc. The other players then come back into the room to spot the differences.

Detective at home.

Take zclose up photos of objects around the house. Can you guess what the object is or where it comes from?

Dough letters and maze.

Create letters, words or even a maze from dough.

Dough recipe: 4,5 glass of flour,  4,5 teaspoons of baking powder,  1,5 glass of milk,  150g of warm butter 200°C , 15–20 min

Then decorate with seeds,  play and finally eat.

Spider web at home.

Make a spiders web from wool or string. Children weave the web from furniture to furniture covering the entire room in a giant spiders web.

Alphabet from home.

Look around the house for shapes and objects that create letters of the alphabet. Take photos and maybe create a collage or poster that could be printed off  as a lasting memory.

Give live to things.

Find objects in the house or garden that could be turned into something else. Shaped stones, sticks, boxes, anything that with a little imagination becomes something else.

For more brilliant creative play ideas, or to share your own ideas, visit

Above all enjoy some special time together and have fun.