Our purpose is not only bringing the latest and coolest trends but also showing you the best ways to make your life easier in everything related to kids. One of the most stressing situations is finding toys everywhere so here we are to help you…Let’s organize them! Today we present you these storage bags with a lovely bohemian style, a new stylish option to keep toys.



Fabric bags to keep kids’ toys

Play & Go bags are 100% made of cotton, always the best option for children. That’s a simple way to transport their toys in an organized way. Taking them in this bag will be a game for kids, furthermore, they will have their toys everywhere they go!


The Play & Go bag makes it easy to transport toys and to tidy them away. It will be the perfect place to keep the toys if they are not using them. This bag holds a lot of things, and it is a playmat at the same time! That’s a multifunctional and fun product!

Now comes the hardest decision…there are lots of models to choose, from plain bright colours like fuchsia to these funny prints like anchors or moustaches. It can be used as a blanket or as a quite big bag. You will have everything organized in just one step. We can play on go, really simple! Now we just need to choose quality and good toys for them! You will find them in our toys section!

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