Today I bring you a small box of secrets. Inside, there are the necessary elements to play with the stories. You can explore the paths that cross the woods into the tales, becoming into Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel, Gretel or Tom Thumb. Imagine walking into the forest and meeting up fairy tales characters! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Trails Tales is the new cardboard game by the graphic design studio Milimbo, a board game to play with the elements, symbols, characters and cliches of fairy tales. Let’s discover the paths that lead us to the tales!

cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales4cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales5cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales7

In each box, you’ll encounter, among others, a Dwarf’s House, a Rapunzel’s Tower, a bag of magic stones or a magic mirror. These elements must be placed around the board designing as the stage of your own story. In your route, you’ll find challenges and meet new characters. Every time you play with Trails Tales, you’ll tell a different story. 

cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales9 cardboard-toy-milimbo-trails-tales8

Milimbo is a graphic studio and small publisher that makes graphic books, posters and toys for kids, all with an emphasis on imagination and interpretation. Their projects play with shapes, lines and colours. They’re simple and creative and allow kids (and big kids) explore the imagination and narrative.

Be sure to check out its website and Etsy shop and discover more projects.