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A few weeks ago we raffled a convertible game table by Play´n House and today we would like to talk again about Play´n House because we love its philosophy: “Playing makes life better”. Normally, it is difficult to offer movement options for children in indoor areas. Movement is a main need of their development and thanks to the creative solutions given by this company, we can easily include some of these options at home: hammocks, ladders, knotted climbing ropes, swings… without losing the sense of beauty and practicality.

The idea of creating this shop arised from an enterprising family that, after its second baby girl was born and living in a small flat, realized that they needed to make the best use of space they had, making each corner an opportunity to play and develop their kids imagination.

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The children’s furniture of this brand combines usefulness and functionality, helping us to change a bunk bed into a real pirate ship, or change a table into a painting canvas, or change a swing into a storage play table… Why climbing down ladders if you can slide down a firefighter’s pole?

This shop is an expert in taking advantage of any space to make it a play area, with resistant materials and perfect finishes. Also, all the products in this shop are made with high-quality hand-made materials. And now that summer is with us and children can enjoy nature and outdoors, Play´n House also helps children to have their small corner in the garden.

Have a look at its website and don’t miss themed bunk beds section, those are, without a doubt, the beds we always wanted as a child. That’s why our children’s bedroom should turn into a play area where each useful piece is at the same time an option to let creativity fly.

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And what about the importance of “let children play”? Immersed in their games, children play freely, as they were following a planning which adults didn’t have the access to. These are precise, willful and persistent games, although they apparently seem slight. When children are so “immersed”, they train their minds, heads and hearts… as they grow…

+info: Play´n House