B6 is a Japanese design studio created by Tama Art University product design graduates in 2010. Their projects are stylish and funny at the same time. We especially like their toys because they can be interesting for both children and adults.

First, we want to show you the Frame Blocks. You can build a steel structure with them, and also stack and restack the pieces, design a dog sculpture or plan a playground.

frame-block3 frame-block2 frame-block4 frame-block5

We also love these wooden bird callers made from old xylophone parts. B6 studio have designed a new form, use and sound for these musical instrument scraps, and gave them the form of a wide variety of birds. This project has been distinguished with the Newsed Upcycle Design Award 2014.

bird-call-b6-studio bird-call-b6-studio2 bird-call-b6-studio3 bird-call-b6-studio4 bird-call-b6-studio5

They are palythings that the whole family can enjoy, kids and adults alike. Play and have fun!

+ info: B6 studio