This eco brand was founded in 2007. It tries to create sustainable and timeless collections made of organic materials. Their basic designs are suitable for every event and, furthermore, they keep always in. The brand concept consists in creating quality clothes that can guarantee kids’ and environment safety. Sustainable fabrics are the key to get quality and affordable products for “both the customer and all the people involved in all stages of production”.

What Can You Find? 

They launch two collections per year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Every single piece of clothes shares this basic and simple design. Comfort, natural and easy are the words we would use to describe their lovely garments. Provided the eco-friendly spirit of the brand, they try to create long-lasting fashion so it will always be a great investment.  The range of products is huge: Dresses, leggings, nightwear, trousers, jeans, accessories, T-shirts…lots of pieces with cute simple design that will become their favourite one!!!


In spite of offering simple and basic designs, they have a personal style based on nature, there are many lovely creations inspired by animals ( lion, panda, cat…) perfect for the little animal lovers we have at home.


Their products are sold all over the world: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy Japan, United Arab Emirates…You can find you point of sale on their website.