Sisters. They are just the best. They laugh with you, they cry with you, they argue with you and fight with you, but no matter what, that sisterly bond is unbreakable.  So what could be more special than to grow up sharing a room with your sister?

Sometimes shared rooms happen because of space but many times sisters choose to share a room because it’s so fun. It’s always nice to have someone to giggle with at night, to cuddle if you need comfort or to just know that you’re not alone.

To celebrate the bond between sisters,  we have found some of the prettiest shared rooms for girls. So if you’ve got two little daughters, you are definitely going to be inspired by these rooms.  In fact, we think you might even be tempted to redecorate their room.

To start with, we’re loving the shared room pictured at the top. It is a Bobby Rabbit‘s styling called “Under the Stars”. The house beds are such a fun addition to any room but in a shared room, we can imagine hours of imaginative play between two sisters. Everything about this room is cute, stylish and gorgeous – from the furniture to the decorations.  There are lots of decor ideas to steal like the touch of vintage (bedside tables) mixed with the otherwise modern room. We’re also loving the addition of the animal heads on top of each house bed. If you love a cute yet stylish room, this is the one for you.

This room is all kinds of wonderful. The dusty rose and soft mustard tones come together so beautifully and we’re loving the carefully chosen decorations too. We love how this room isn’t cluttered or full of stuff but yet oozes bags of personality and charm. Also if space is tight in your daughters’ room, going without bed frames is a great idea.  After all sleeping on the floor is an adventure in itself, especially if you’re a kid.

We can’t get enough of these shared rooms and this one has us practically wanting to move in.  Here again, we have lots of ideas to steal like the shared bedside table, the pegboard for each child and the modern decor mixed with a boho chic look which really brings this room to life.  We also love that they haven’t gone matchy-matchy for the two sides, but instead each girl gets a different look which all comes together to create a fun and imaginative space.

This tiny room has been cleverly turned in to an adorable shared room for sisters Ava and Maisie. We love how just some paint has been used to carve out each girls space with shared storage in the middle of this small space. And those unicorn headboards add all the cuteness and little girl could want.

Last we have this rustic chic room in earthy tones. There are lots to love about the decor of this room from the beds to the rug wall hanging. In this room, they’ve gone for a slightly more grown-up look which is ideal if you want the room to grow with your girls.

No matter what decor style and colours you choose, a shared room for sisters can be so special.  Which is your favourite look?

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