Choosing the best sun protection for your kids is not an easy task. Shop shelves are stocked with an ever-growing range of formulas, ingredients, and SPF numbers. But, are you sure what do all of the ingredients mean? Which SPF is right? Is a spray all right?

Young and sensitive skin from the sun with a cream or lotion specifically formulated for little ones. Today we introduce you the new range of products made entirely with natural ingredients, hailing from bio-farming, and all is produced in Italy: Solaris by Linea Mamma Baby’s skincare.

The new baby sunscreen line is composed of 3 products: Angelina spf 30, Albertino spf 50+, and the after lotion Giovannino. The sunscreens are transparent emulsions with a pleasantly soft texture that quickly gets absorbed, suitable for the very light and delicate skin of the children. They provide an effective, safe and wide-spectrum protection from UVB-UVA radiations.

The aftersun is a moisturizing and refreshing lotion, specially designed for baby’s delicate skin. Enriched with Rice Starch oil, Aloe Vera, and extract of Sigesbeckia Orientalis, active ingredients that help to refresh and nourish the skin in case of sunburn and redness.

Linea Mamma Baby also produce soaps, oils, shower gels or scented baby water to take care of baby’s skin with the same love of a mother. But they also have products for mums and dads, such a deodorants or body creams. All of them are dermatologist-tested, dye-free, paraben-free, sodium laureth sulfate-free and sodium lauryl sulfate-free.

Furthermore, the container and fun packaging have beautiful illustrations and funny names that I’m sure your kids will love. Have fun in the sun while staying safe through the summer!

Are you ready for the sun?

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