What do you obtain if you mix a designer with an inner teacher and a teacher with a designer inside her? Pure art. Rabicorto’s simple, cute and childish art turns every day into a blank canvas to dream, to create to wake up our imagination and fantasy.

Art is often related to sophisticated adult atmospheres where everything is fixed and complicated. This brand tries to face the most difficult challenge: transforming complicated issues into something easy and funny. Something that can be enjoyed by anyone because this should be the main purpose of art, don’t you think?


If you take a look to their flashy designs you will feel the happiness of that kid hidden in you! Your little ones will also enjoy and dream with all those bright colours that fill the whole room of happiness and joy!

Do you want to add that “chic touch” to your walls? We are sure that Rabicorto knows the best way to do it! What about those amazing cushions? We are simply in love with every single one! Those characteristic animals are going to become the best roommates!


We are always saying that kids’ rooms must be personal and exclusive. This is exactly what they are trying to get. The idea consists in sharing their magic creativity with everyone who wants to include a special element in order to get a personal space. They really know how to show their talent in every single piece.

Rabicorto-cushions-decor Rabicorto-animal-prints

This brand shows how a great design can be the best way to bring art into children’s routine. This spirit will help them to appreciate beautiful things in life, enjoying every single detail and dreaming once and again about being kids forever.

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