Today we show you delightful crowdfunding project: Zoo line by Radishapes. These fully articulated wooden toys are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity and enjoyment. Toys without batteries invite open-ended play and keep the child interested in the playthings for many years.

Maximiliano Beltrán has created complex toys with articulated parts that allow to them move in the same way that animals do in real life. Some high-quality elastomers hold the pieces in place and give flexibility to toys.


Every piece is sanded, sealed and polished with care. Furthermore, the designers have selected the best native woods: tepa and rauli.adishapes-african-elephant

You can choose between three cute animals: a polar bear, an African elephant and a grizzly bear. Soon, a giraffe and an Asian elephant will join this little zoo. 

These wooden toys will set children’s imagination alight. How many stories can your child invent about these animals?


Radishapes is founded by two designers from Talca (Chile). This project also seeks to improve living conditions in this city by creating jobs and maintaining the timber industry. So, this project joins design, craftsmanship and social conscience. Interesting, right?


So now it’s your turn! Have a look at these wooden animal toys and support the project here.

+ info: Radishapes