Rafa-kids shelf XL 07

What do your children need next to their beds?  A lamp for the night time reading, a place to put their books, a space to display their favourite toys or prints… You need a shelf! Today we show you versatile and stylish shelves that look great in your kid’s room, and also in your playroom or kid’s study area.

The Rafa kids shelves collection consists of 4 pieces (S, M, L and XL shelf), made of Finnish birch plywood with metal elements. Ascending sizes include hooks and more shelves to display favourite toys and books. The beautifully curved edge, the high-quality finish and all the functional and playful details make these shelves unique.

Like the rest of Rafa-kids furniture, they are fun, practical and designed to last for many years. Let’s see some details of these pieces of furniture.


Put an alarm clock, lamp and books on S Shelf. It has a small metal plate, so you can easily attach photographies or child’s drawings with a magnet.

Rafa-kids shelf Mrafa-kids-Shelf-M

They added a metal plate with 3 metal hangers to the M Shelf, so it is easy to hang a backpack, jacket or some little accessories.

Rafa-kids-shelf-L Rafa-kids-shelf-L-051

L Shelf grows with the needs of your child. You can storage baby accessories and hang special clothes. Later, you can display your child’s favourite toys and figurines.

Rafa-kids-shelf-XL-childrens-furniture Rafa-kids shelf XL 03

XL Shelf is very complete! You can exhibit your collection of comic books, magazines, picture frames, mugs or other things you like.

These shelves are fun, beautiful to look at plus very functional. Imagine all the possibilities to use them around your house (pssst: not only in kid’s spaces).

+info: Rafa-kids