Agata and Arek, two architects, decided to devote their professional career to kids’ design when they had their two kids, Frank and Robert. As usually, those parents wanted to offer special and high quality furniture to them so they started to dream about the project: Agata is the creative part of the company while Arek is in charge of the technical details. They want to offer their special designs, where they include their complete soul, to other kids in order to fulfill the requirements of the most exigent parents.

What Can You Find?

You can find every kind of furniture for kids, from toddlers to teens: beds, desks, shelves…. They also have some packs which include mattresses and special kits for 2 kids.  Furthermore, they also offer cute bedding products such as blankets, soft toys or cushions, they are really cute! You can find unicorns, owls, sheep…everything they need to dream!


Design is their speciality so furniture is their star product. We can find a timeless functional and modern design, suitable for almost every kind of room. Furthermore, it guarantees safety provided that it fulfills all the requirements of the EU quality standards.


The name of the brand was created by taking the first letter of the name of every member of the family. Tender, don´t you think?