Rainbow preschool

This is a preschool or kindergarten like you have never seen before. A light filled, rainbow preschool.

The curved, bright white walls are dotted with playful, rounded rainbow coloured windows. The kaleidoscope of colours continue throughout the inside of the preschool too. With colourful archways above the doors and  coloured glass panels lining the walkways and staircases. There is a large glass atrium on the roof that bathes the space in light and really brings the colours to life.

Preschool entrance

The colours move and change as the light changes throughout the day, contrasting against the white wall and simple wood furniture.

Preschool atrium

This beautiful space was designed by Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako and built in Tianshui city in China. Keiichiro hopes that the beautiful light and colours in the preschool will nurture and inspire the children’s creativity.  I couldn’t  agree more!

Kaleidoscope staircase

Rainbow window

The preschool really is an inspiring and beautiful space that small children rarely have the pleasure to experience.

Rainbow nursery at night

Images and credits from Sako Architects and instagram