More findings on Instagram! This social network has lots of pictures and accounts that we really love from the first sight! We could spend the whole day looking for new accounts to discover the best kids atmospheres to show them here (follow us there). This is the case of this real kids’ room we have found on @lenalidman85 profile.

A kids’ room with soft tones (beige and blue tones) which can be used by both boys and girls. Every corner is shown step by step. Furthermore, we can see the differences between a nursery and a kids’ room with a beautiful vintage bed which is perfectly combined with this space. But there’s still more, play zone, beautiful and trendy shelves, toys and little details that transform this place into an almost magic place.



In this account, we have discovered new elements like interesting decor elements. A garland can add that party touch, a beautiful lamp made of spotted paper, garlands and light balls, kids prints by Mrs. Mighetto and lots of details to be discovered in every picture. You just have to look at that shelf full of beautiful crochet and fabric soft toys, wooden toys and a beautiful print. Too cool!



This room has been changed a lot of times because before, there was a wonderful Scandinavian crib with a nice canopy from Número 74. However, kids’ atmosphere has been kept with natural tones and materials as children’s rooms with wooden  floors are the coolest trend and if you add those wicker baskets and lovely toys and prints you will turn it into the best space of Instagram.

This kids’ room is a real room that changes with kids’ growth and shows the latest trends. Have you see the stuffed elephant’s head? Another cool clue to decorate kids’ room! An Instagram profile you should follow to see those wonderful atmospheres plenty of charm!


Via Instagram