Red isn’t the first colour that comes to mind when decorating a kids room or any room in the home. It’s also not usually a colour that’s seen as trendy or in fashion in interiors. But that doesn’t mean that red should be overlooked. In fact we think the opposite. Red can be fabulous and so fun for a kids room.

When red is used to add a pop of colour, the effect can be so dramatic and bold, especially if you go for a bright red. We particularly like adding red bursts in a black and white room like the in the room pictured at the top. But this isn’t the only colour scheme that red works well with as we’ll see below.

Here are some more rooms that use a bold pop of red to make a real statement:

All the white in this room really makes the red accents pop. But what really stands out in this room is the addition of bright yellow and blue that work so well with the red.  You wouldn’t think that all three bold primary colours would work together but as they’re using sparingly with lost of white, this room looks really fresh and fun.

So far we’ve looked at pops of red but this space takes the idea of using red to a new level. The reason it looks so dramatic and fabulous is that they have painted everything red — all the shelves, the radiator and even the pipes. When using so much bright red, the trick is to keep it all the same shade. This is a kids storage space, but this idea can easily be recreated in a kids bedroom to create a feature wall.

From the previous floor to ceiling red, this room is the opposite. It uses a few small pops of red.  But as red is such a bold colour, even these little pops of red add so much to this room and really bring the room to life. They’ve also got a few subtler pops of soft yellow which is a great colour choice to pair with red.

We’ve looked at rooms with red walls, red decorations and red furniture but this room unusually has red floors. While a completely red floor would look a bit too much, this idea of painting a checkered floor and pairing the red with natural wood works so well, especially in a vintage room. They’ve also added a few red decorations to complement the floor.

We’re loving how dramatic that single red poster looks against all the white. This room is clean and minimal with a few pops of red but it’s that poster that creates all the drama. We can just imagine an all white and wood room with a one or two bold red artworks for a super stylish look.

Are you tempted to add a splash of red to your kid’s rooms?

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