There are children who are faced with adult problems, kids that are forced to leave their country for economic reasons or to escape war. A war that is like a monster that destroys everything around it: houses, schools, hospitals and many, many lives. Some brave kids start a new life in a new country, in order to find a better future where they could enjoy their childhood. But it isn’t easy, they find a new language, economic problems, and fears. This is we like initiatives like The Wall of Dreams and Nightmares, in Madrid.



During the last weeks, a group of refugees and children of foreign origin along with other Spanish children have been colouring dreams and nightmares by the hand of Aitor Saraiba, an illustrator who was able to create magic with their artworks.

He asked the kids to write and draw all they dreamed and, also, all their fears. The purpose was to make their wishes come true on a huge wall where everybody could see them. In addition, the wall will be also used to stop all these horrible feelings because, as you know, they disappear when you tell somebody.

“In every workshop, I asked them to draw what they like the most, what they hate the most; I asked them about the things they are afraid of or the things they would like to tell their parents. We share even the super powers that we would like to have, “explains Saraiba.

Here are some of the messages: “I want to fly”, “Hi, Dad, I miss you and love you,”, “I want everyone to be happy”, I want it to rain gold”, “I was separated from my mother for three years and cried a lot”.


The result was simply amazing: an enormous wall was there, covered with Saraiba interpretation of the kids’ messages and drawings. They were as big that they even seemed to be real, while the fears were also there so kids could face them in order to get over them. Lots of brambles covered both wishes and fears, creating a natural relationship between them, and adding the “hope concept” as wounds caused by brambles are also part of life.

The installation is completed with the soundscape created by musician Dr. Kurogo, with the voices of children themselves.


These kids were given the opportunity to express themselves through the Spanish illustrator’s work. Several organizations such as CEPI (Centro de Participación e Integración del Inmigrante), CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado) or Red Cross have also collaborated to create the “Muro de los Sueños y las Pesadillas” (The Wall of Dreams and Nightmares), exhibited in Matadero cultural center in Madrid.


Don’t miss this great initiative. These kids have an important message for you and lots of talent!

+Info Yorokobu