Although we love colourful rooms, the balance looks great with just a few tones, they are simply amazing. Today we bring a perfect example for a kids’ room. Here you are an elegant bedroom with mint and white which looks big and full of light. It’s the perfect inspiration for your little one’s bedroom.

Divided Walls


It’s not a small room at all but this technique makes it bigger. The wall is divided into two parts white at the top, mint at the bottom. On this way, light gets more importance, thanks to the upper white tone. At the same time, you have this extra touch of colour.

Wood to Add Some Charm


The floor is neutral and it helps to increase the space visually. Its grey colour, together the other tones on the wall may create a cold space. For this reason, they have added some wooden furniture. In addition, it’s one of those with a natural look.

There is not much furniture, it’s not necessary. Leave the space for the play area. A bed, a bedside table, a desk (those with vintage style) with a  darker wood to make the difference with the rest of the atmosphere.

Wall Décor


Wall décor is other of the strength points of the room. This time they add some yellow touches to contrast with mint and white.

I really like the desk’s wall in which they have added some wallpaper. It has got several colours including matching yellow tones.

Wardrobe Matching the Floor


Finally, pay attention to the wardrobe. Forget about built-in wardrobes. This one-piece wardrobe with that industrial touch is all you need. Is it suitable for this room? Yes, it is. The floor reminds one of those industrial atmospheres. This metal wardrobe provides the room with a vintage touch. There is no doubt that it’s the perfect balance according to colours, furniture and materials.

Images kinderkamerstylist