This is one of those brands with their own philosophy, their own personality to wrap those customers who share it. In this case, relax and slow life are the concepts to design their range of clothes for kids between 1 and 6 years old. This Dutch Brand offers quality products to satisfy kids’ comfort requirements and parents’ love for design.

What can you find?

Their clothes are basic and sophisticated at the same time. They share an original design and lots of personality. As we have mentioned, quality and comfort are key concepts in every single piece. T-shirts, one suits, shorts, sweaters or sweatpants are created according to these goals showing cool and exclusive designs.


Once again, a great design, high quality and exclusivity are crucial to get a special shop. A different product with its own lifestyle is a good way to make us fall in love, don’t you think? We really love this personal style, there’s no doubt that it’s something you can’t get anywhere and it’s great!


You can buy their products online but don’t forget you can also find them in some of their retailers in Belgium ,The Netherlands ,United Kingdom , Japan, United States, France or Denmark! Don’t miss it!