Liv’s bedroom is a very special place…What a cute dresser!

We could find the report about this restored  XIX Dutch farm find in Elle’s online version. They owners (the interior designer Larissa van Seumeren and her partner Peter Kool) felt love at first sight for it. There was a lot of work to do, but good taste and patience they were able to keep the farm’s spirit while they turned it into a modern home plenty of light.

The mixture of materials is one of the greatest things in it, but we have also found some hidden details which we love, like the beds with a wooden structure in the kids’ rooms. Bedrooms are upstairs. These wonderful rooms were used to smoke meat, curious, don’t you think? A burgundy dresser has been installed on one of the walls and a studying area on the other side.



A big wardrobe completes the girl’s room decoration. Bedrooms are a mixture of colour, wallpapers, antique restored pieces and …lots of talent!


You can also see another great hidden bed with a rustic touch. A little cabin for a little boy.


+info: Elle Deco