“Let’s go to the beach!” This is what kids will say as soon as they see these funny inflatable toys designed by Czech toy designer Libuše Niklová. Elephants, giraffes or buffaloes in order to renew the plastic dolls designs now reissued and made in Europe by Fatra. created by the brand during 70’s. They will always want to go to the beach and the swimming pool!

You can find grip and large inflatable toys. The grip toys are designed for the tiny hands of newborn babies. Babies will love them for their bright colours and gentle jingling sound! On the other hand, Libuše Niklová designed inflatable armchairs for children, which she later modified into whistling animal shapes. This transformation turned them into both large toys and seats at the same time.




They are not only funny because of their shapes but also because of their flashy colours to attract the youngest kids. These inflatable toys are perfect to have fun on the beach, having a great time in the water for lots of hours, but they are also great for indoor playing.

With these original toys, we have a complete kit for these holidays. Their shapes ease its use in the water. Start to blow! Kids won’t be able to have fun without them! This summer is going to be full of shapes and colours!


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 Via Tatakidsdesign