Most modern parents will love this bed because the amazing Camper van is a symbol of freedom, adventures and Bohemian spirit. These vehicles aren’t longer made but- during last years- they have become an icon of the hippie way of life, so they appear in lots of retro decorations. These designs remember a lifestyle plenty of happiness and fun, something related to children’s view of life.


Its structure is quite simple, a high base, free sides and a window-shaped front. It has also two drawers, one on the bottom and another one on the front. Its designer, George Home, has thought about every single detail to create this Camper bed. Measuring 90x200cm, you will not have to worry about its replacement because they can use it for years. The design is not too childish and it’s suitable for both boys and girls.


This Volkswagen Kombi reproduction shows a funny and informal style so we are sure your children will love it. Maybe you are wondering how to decorate the rest of the room to combine it with this bed, well, it isn’t going to be too difficult. Grey, blue and white tones, combining colours is really easy, furthermore, provided that the bed is the protagonist, you can add simple details like furry rugs or funny wall stickers.

We really like furniture which invites to play and imagine and doesn’t  only fulfill a basic need…this proposal is great! They will be able to travel to different places and live amazing adventures with this van. Don’t you imagine them laughing and playing in the coolest van?

+info: Asda