Kids love toys and parents love design, this is why Rock & Pebble has enchanted us with their original products. Every piece is a little sample of talent and creativity, perfect for encouraging kid’s imagination and decorating every corner in their room. All of them are full of personality and cool spirit so both kids and adults will love them.

All their creations are designed to open-ended play. You can find timeless toys that help them to imagine whatever they want with just an accurate design and simple base. Black, white and clean lines are the key concepts to understand the brand’s aesthetics.

The range of products includes homeware, toys and paper products. Imaginative, playful and artistic dollhouses, construction blocks and posters. We have visited their site and we have fallen in love with the minimalist and original design present in every single product.

Take a look at those nice wooden houses! You can choose between four dollhouses: the stylish Apple, Pear and Cloud houses and the fun Ele Villa. All of them with clean lines and natural look remind nature and childhood.


The minimalistic furniture and the tiny wooden dolls (Pebbles) are great accessories for the dollhouses. They are perfect for sparking kids’ creativity while they imagine stories about those funny characters’ daily lives!


What about the H Block? With these simple construction blocks, your little one can create high buildings, amazing sculptures, trains and railway tracks, strange creatures or incredible bridges…They have endless possibilities to invent and imagine!


Any little interior designer in your house? With the Dollhouse Book, he/she can create their own dream dollhouse or their own little universe for their games. Draw, paint and decorate each room page and connect 2 – 4 books to create a big house.


We simply love Toto, the Toy Totem. It is a stacking/balancing toy, puzzle and sculpture and has many different looks. Build high or low towers and teach your kids fine motor skills. This modern art toy will provide an exclusive look to your kids’ room. Creativity and design will fill the whole space with the original pieces you can find here!


Yes, posters are the best and easiest option to change a room’s decoration especially if they show such a great design! Kids can colour them to add their special touch to their own room. With these giant colouring posters, they are going to become your little artists and we are sure they are going to be proud to show you their creation hanging on the wall!

We really like that feeling of peace and comfort that wraps us when we take a look at every piece, we can imagine them in Scandinavian rooms as a perfect final touch…Don’t you? Let design come in!

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