If you ask your kids if they would like to ride a zebra, a giraffe or a crocodile we are sure they will say Yes! We know that imagination is very important to them. Although video games are becoming more and more important, kids still need fantasy and this is exactly what Cavalcade provide them.

These animal-shaped rocking horses have been created by the designer Luca Boscardin who works in Amsterdam. His work is very clear and direct, shapes and colours are crucial in it. He finally decided to design toys and children’s illustrations. This is how he created these funny pieces.



Cavalcade collection is one of those important details in a kid’s room. We think about a Scandinavian atmosphere where white is the main colour so you can enjoy every piece individually. A deep green crocodile, a yellow giraffe or a black and white zebra are some of the chosen animals. They are great, don’t you think?

Every single rocking horse has been created from one piece of wood from which every piece of the toy has been extracted. The best thing is that you can add or remove the wheels depending on the activity they want to perform. The movement is really funny and they will create lots of stories with it!


It is also interesting as an ornamental piece because of their deep pastel tones which are always suitable for kids’ rooms. There is no doubt that it is a traditional toy with a new look. It is perfect to spend some afternoons imaging adventures!


+info: Luca Boscardin

Via Bumood