Simple forms and shapes. Minimal design and many functionalities. Ageless and modern.

Rollark is an eco-conscious and multifunctional toy of high-quality finish created by EMBER Design Manufactory. They design and manufacture objects that may look simple yet makes you stop and rethink something.


The name Rollark refers to the two main functions of the toy: ark and rolling vehicle. But it also can be a house, a dragon, a scooter, a footrest… It is anything you can imagine.


The body of the toy is made of locally grown wood. They also use aluminum and steel – two of the most commonly recycled metals. The essence of their philosophy is that long life will bring appreciation and a lasting value.


Children can play with it inside, outside, or ride it, sit on it, store other toys in it, and more.


Rollark is a toy-system that can be extended and recombined. If a part would go missing or broke completely then that part could be replaced. Parts are connected with a magnetic system so everything pops in place easily, even the wheels.


Inspired by the designs of sailing and old-fashioned Volkswagon buses, Rollark promises hours of fun.  Are you going to miss it?

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