We really like those soft toys for the kids’ room! They create a cosy and tender feeling that anybody can’t resist! Furthermore, kids love them and are always playing with them. If you are looking for those little details to turn the kids’ room into a more special space, here you are the lovely dolls and mobiles for babies by Ilka.


All those dolls seem to be asleep and provide lots of peace to the atmosphere. They are romantic dolls plenty of that carefully handmade style. They are the perfect decoration for every corner, thanks to those soft colours and materials like cotton, furry collars and those beautiful tutus.


Ilka does not only offer swans to be placed on their bed or rabbits with beautiful hats to decorate shelves, but also amazing mobiles for cribs and nurseries. That romantic and dreamy touch is unmistakable, with plumes and clouds over a swan that flies very high or asleep swans wearing ballerina’s clothes. There’s a huge world to discover these fantasy dolls.


Ilka will cover the whole room with peace. These dreamy and peaceful dolls have made us fall in love with their soft elegance. Small things create special spaces and these dolls are full of style. Do you know where to place them?

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