One of the most important fears when we decorate a kids’ room is the effort we would have to do if we wanted to change or adapt it later. Today, we bring you an inspiring neutral room styled by Tubu  kids that can be adapted to different looks just changing some details. You will be surprised!

Nordic kids’ rooms are beautiful and versatile; this is the reason why we are in love with them. A room like this one with a white wall and simple furniture is suitable to every kind of decorations. Adding textiles, colours, decorative elements and pieces with their own personality is a way to create something special for us but the basis is always the same so we will never get bored of the room.


The bed goes from the Nordic style in black and white to a bedroom with colourful textiles in a cool and natural environment. Animals on the wall, paws prints and some plants remind us love for nature and the forest. As you can see, you can create a themed room with just a few of details and lots of imagination. We are especially in love with that corner, used as a relax or reading place for kids with that lovely awning.


Here we are a shared room with a reading space on the bed’s bottom. It’s not very big but it has been perfectly designed.  That space between the bed and the wall has been used in a functional way. We can introduce a storage piece of furniture or a study space with a simple table and a chair. As you can see, if we change some pieces we can completely change the look of the room and also its functionality.


If you have a guest, you can add a mattress with the lovely textiles shown in this inspiring bedroom.  Wonderful ideas with funny prints that are mixed in an original way with black and white, geometrical figures and animals. One of the latest trends is mixing without fear, choosing the most creative and funniest kids’ textiles.

+ info: Tubu Kids