Post by Marina Cabero


Today, the instablogger Marina Cabero show us her daughter’s rooms. They are two really whimsical spaces where the girls can comfortably sleep, play and read. Marina loves the combination of a white & black base with pops of colour and uses simple yet playful accessories to brighten up the decoration and add a touch of humour.

Changing the accessories is an easy and effective way to refresh a room and Marina constantly rearranges them. You will recognise some brands, such as Tellkido, Miniwilla or Amayadeeme. Read on and find out two beautiful girl’s rooms plenty of cheerful and fun!


I have always loved decoration but after having my daughters – Abril and Martina- I found a new branch of interior design that has hooked me: kids’ decoration. I am an observer and curious person and I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration to reinterpret it on my own.

I enjoy redecorating girls’ rooms once and again to create new atmospheres, special corners and play spaces. If I had to define the rooms’ style I would say that Nordic style is the main trend where pastel tones are combined with black and white.


We really like spending time at home and I have always thought that this is really important to create girls’ own spaces with soft tones and funny prints. Although I love wallpapers, the best option for me consisted of keeping white walls and neutral furniture to focus all the attention on the accessories. Just a little change of cushions and bedding can create a completely new look in a room.

Wall stickers have also become a great option to decorate. I love them because they can transform spaces without changing them in a definitive way.

Storage is really important in kid’s rooms, especially in the play nooks, and I am always looking for decorative solutions. Paper bags, Lego boxes and baskets to keep all their toys.


As we had space enough, we chose a house-shaped bed for Martina’s room and a teepee for Abril’s. Creating hidden places is really funny for them!


I have discovered my creative part with DIYs: customizing the play kitchen, the dolls’ house, the reading space, the walls with butterflies…

These DIYs add a personal touch to every single room and I must admit that they are always a success! They love sitting down on the pouf, reading tales on their corner, playing with the dolls’ house and spend a lot of time with the kitchenette.


There’s no doubt, girls’ rooms are one of my favourite parts of the house as I have put a lot of love in them!

Marina Cabero is an instablogger specialised in kids decoration. Check all her universe out on her Instagram account and say hello!