If we think that decorating a kids’ room in a functional way which includes details they love is complicated, imagine that you have to do it for two siblings. You can consider different places for the beds and furniture according to the available space. Kate Paillat, Maurice and King founder, has chosen a simple bedroom plenty of personal things carefully chosen to create a special space.

Etienne and Jacques enjoy their room that has a huge play area because the beds have been placed next to the wall, creating an angle so there is much space to have fun during the day. It’s a functional way to use the space if we haven’t chosen kids’ bunk beds.


The room’s style is quite eclectic as it mixes vintage pieces with modern ones. Kate is in love with 50’s mid-century style but also minimalism’s simplicity and this is something we can easily appreciate in the kids’ room. The bigger touch of colour is added by the Lady Nixon Nemara’s painting that she brought from Austraila. She likes special meaningful pieces because they include an emotional spirit which is not present in those pieces we buy only for aesthetics.

But this doesn’t mean that she forgets trends. We are sure you have already seen the superheroes prints, a total trendy element, or the yellow rug with the geometric print, another piece we have seen in the coolest rooms.


Talking about personal and unique touches…what about these handmade dolls? And the knit cushion? Trends are not the only key, you must find your own style, just like Kate. Furthermore, this room can even be shared while they are playing because of the huge space in the middle of the room. What do you think about this special room plenty of special pieces?


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