Have you seen that authentic rustic house? We don’t know if it has been directly taken from the forest to be placed in this kids’ room plenty of funny details. Imagine kids’ faces if they find something like this in their room, it’s a refuge plenty of mystery with lots of stories to tell, they will spend lots of hours in it!

We know that rustic style uses natural wood with a wild look so they have decided to add a soft touch with lots of colours on the textiles, garlands and many paper ornaments. The final result is an original and cool eclectic atmosphere.

Wooden Rustic Playhouse


To create this rustic wooden house, Estelle Williot, a French stylist specialised in kid’s rooms, has included every detail. They have even added a star on the roof that has also been made with branches. They have decorated the inner part with a kids’ mural to add colour and joy. Finally, they have included a vintage chair outside that provides, even more, charm and an ethnic rug…we want to visit this rustic corner!


The room’s set matches the atmosphere created by that little play cottage. A wicker bed was the perfect piece and if we add the hanger made with a branch, we will see ourselves in a wonderful forest. They have even chosen little bird-shaped wall stickers to make it more credible. It’s clear that they have taken the rustic style seriously!

Rustic Elements in The Kids’ Room


They wanted an authentic room. The rustic playhouse is amazing but they have also taken care of small details. That fawn-shaped hanger is really cool and can be perfectly included in a kids’ room and the same with the hangers made with branches! Do you like this original playhouse for children?


+ Info: Estelle Williot