December brings, once again, that special air full of Christmas magic, glitter and hot chocolate. Everything seems more beautiful and adults become kids again, lights spread joy all over the World and presents make kids dream. However, there’s a place where this spirit is present during the whole year, this wonderful village is Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle.

This Lappish village is the cold and fantastic home of our beloved Santa. There, you can visit his home, his post office, his funny reindeers and, of course, his cosy village that reminds those beautiful Christmas postcards…Can you think of a better place to spend your Christmas Holidays?


Have a great experience while you stay in Santa’s Village lovely huts, the international headquarters of Christmas, or enjoy the Snowman World Igloo Hotel where everything is made of ice! What a funny way to sleep!


But this nice village has many other things to offer: A Husky Park with husky sled rides in the winter and husky park visits in the summer, a reindeer farm (maybe you meet real Rudolph!), snowmobile safaris, Santa’s Park, take a look at Santa’s own series of underground caves! Snowman World and lots of great activities are ready to add more magic to winter holidays!


Rovaniemi is always open and it has a lot of interesting things to teach you as its amazing history and their special spirit…Meet real Santa and offer your kids an unforgettable experience!


Do you want to visit the happiest place in the world? Let’s go!

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