Saturday Workshop is a small studio based in Sandymount, Dublin. They use traditional skills and new technologies to make simple yet beautiful wood products. Edward and Iseult (father and daughter) also produce wooden coasters, signages, decorations and egg cups, but toys have a charm and special magic.

Here are some woodland animals: an owl, a bunny and a fox, and some building blocks, all crafted in sustainable Irish beechwood.

Build, fit and play!


This is a wide owl made from six finely cut beechwood pieces. Could you assemble it?


A sturdy hardwood rabbit and fox. Each friendly shape is made from three pieces of finely cut beechwood and fit together perfectly.


Saturday Workshop  has just started to develop a neat little series of wooden block follies based on structures that still stand or once stood around Ireland. Bellevue Folly is an 18th century Gothic ruin still standing in a green field along a country road in West Galway. Now you can play to build it.


Conolly Folly is a beautiful stack of arches topped by a soaring obelisk. This wooden block is inspired by the original structure which was built during the famine on the grounds of Carton House in County Kildare.


All  playthings come in their own cotton bag, to carry them around. Furthermore, when help is needed, the block printed cloth bag reminds us just how to put it all back together.

You’ll find Saturday Workshop‘s products in Makers & Brothers and Etsy.

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