We really like school nurseries with a great design. Although some of them are quite far —this is located in Denmark— they are a good way to dream and see what can you find in those places that seem have been created by kids, with lots of play spaces, atmospheres plenty of fantasy which take us to a special world where they will feel really comfortable.

This nursery is inspired by a mountain, with inner spaces visually connected in order to pass through them in an effortless way. It’s a natural architecture which invites kids to move once and again to discover everything around them. Its elements are designed to stimulate their mind with some both physical and mental challenges: a wall to climb, some cushions with the appearance of a stone…Who can resist it?


Designer schools try to show an amazing, functional and creative architecture. In this case, they have got it by creating spaces to play or to rest and open zones plenty of natural light. They don’t need a lot of details but a world where they can train their imagination and fun with lots of spaces to enjoy.


We really love this rest area because all its elements are designed to relax. From a space plenty of butterflies with a wall to climb, some rocks and colourful details we come to a peaceful area representing the sky, that landscape you can see from the top of a mountain while you are resting after the climbing. There is no doubt that nursery will be a challenge for our little explorers’ minds.


Via Archdaily