Today we bring you the Scotch & Soda Spring/Summer Collection 2015. The main feature of this brand is originality and quality in all its garments. Although we are only focused on the kids’ clothes, this fashion label has lots of success among European women, and it’s quite commonly mentioned by magazines and celebs.



Its proposal shows a rebel summer plenty of “Mix & match” philosophy, they update classic garments for the trendiest children. The girls’ line includes navy pieces, ad-lib dresses and boho-chic combinations. The key of success is the combination of clothes and complements to get a unique result!

As far as boys are concerned, they mix sporty and Hawaiian trends with more formal proposals. Bermudas, and polo shirts with baggy pants and flashy trunks.



Scotch & Soda is quite classic in several aspects, especially in those related to the way of interpreting fashion and creating quality garments, but it is also young, rebel and modern as you can see from their original designs. Although the lookbook can be too much for some mums, they are wonderful to add some new touches to this spring/summer.


If you want your kids to remember those wonderful clothes their parents bought them when they were younger and follow the last trends Scotch & Soda is your new fetish brand!

+info: Scotch & Soda