This brand tries to mix cute things with eco-friendly and sustainable concepts. This is a great initiative if we want to offer a better world to our kids, a great example of know how. They try to offer long lasting products that ensure both kids’ and environment wellness because, yes, this is possible.  Their products are really nice and design and trends play also an important role to their brand’s image. There’s no doubt, they are worried about details and we love it!

What Can You Find? 

Absolutely everything: clothes, toys for babies and toddlers (puzzles, soft toys, dollhouses…), plates, spoons, forks, bibs, snack packs, bedding, pillows, decoration (wall decoration, garlands, chairs…), books, stationery, body care products , mum’s accessories…this huge choice of products is simply wonderful.  They know what you may need and they just put it together to make your life easier because they know parents are “busy bees”.


“Eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are key concepts in every collection because this is the spirit of this green brand. You can be sure you are helping environment by purchasing their products and this is something that must really been considered.


We found this interesting information on their web site: “Founded in the Netherlands, Shak-Shuka comes from the word “leshakshek” which means “to shake or mix up”. It is also a dish in the Middle East and is a bit of a hodgepodge of ingredients that are all “shaken up”. To us, shakshuka is a symbol of how the world is evolving as an eclectic mix of races, nationalities and beliefs. Shak-Shuka should reflect our love for an eclectic mix in a conscientious world.” Even the name has been related to commitment. Simple lovely.