Max, Leon and Tristan are three brothers who have an amazing bedroom, specially designed for them. It has been created to make them enjoy their favourite activities. Playoffice’s project was used to update their bedroom and add a functional look with lots of fantasy. The result is wonderful.

The brothers have different tastes so they have created different spaces and there are several details which make them special, everything is designed to make them feel comfortable and enjoy every moment together or individually.



Besides sleeping zones (with a bunk bed and a trundle bed), there are three loft areas for playing and relaxing: the crane, the reading loft and the Lego corner. The loft with the crane and the siren is a wonderful space to play. Below is a corner plenty of fancy costumes. They will love it, they can be a different character every day.


There are also other amazing spaces such a workshop with a table with tools to work or a craft space. Playoffice thinks about every detail!



Some little details add personality to the design. Take a look at the courtesy light as a house of ‘Perez Mouse’ or a peephole (it help to connect rooms in a very funny way!). And what about the picture inspired by “The Scream” by Munch. It’s a real playhouse!


The reading loft or this gallery art are more ideas to add to these cool children spaces. With this kind of bedroom, they are sure they won’t need anything else!


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