When we need functional and cool solutions for some space, we usually think about Ikea because they always have something to offer and now they also provide lots of inspiration to decorate with their furniture and decorative items. This time, they have brought fantastic ideas to decorate a shared room for kids. From space saving furniture to keep everything organised. Do you want more details?

Ikea’s Kids’ Room, Organise the Space


When we want to create a space, which is shared by two siblings, we must try to save as much space as possible but, at the same time, everyone needs his own space to feel more independent. In this case, they have chosen a high bed from the Stuva Collection so the bottom zone can be used as a play or study area. They have included the other bed here, that’s the Busunge model. Both are perfectly matched and the result is very original. In order to make this space more private, they have added the ceiling as it was an Ikea Hack.


If there’s something missing in a kids’ shared bedroom this is order so we have to look for simple kids’ storage solutions. Trofast Containers are cheap and perfect to offer them their own space to keep their things. They have customized them with stickers so every single one can be easily recognizable. Need more inspiration? Read more storage ideas from Ikea on our blog.

Ikea’s Kids’ Room Play and Study Area


There are lots of play moments in a kids’ shared room so, in this case, they have a lot of space for that. They have even created a wall to place Lego pieces so they can save space. With the Lattjo toys, collection kids can dress up and have a lot of fun, this is a collection we have already seen in other Ikea’s inspiration in real kids’ rooms.


They have also a study area to share so parents have decided to include the Ekby desk by Ikea with a huge surface and two drawers, one for each one, and two stools from the Ikea’s Flisat Collection we showed you some time ago. This corner will be perfect for both.

What do you think about this inspiration with Ikea’s products?

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