This is one of most beautiful kid’s rooms we’ve ever seen. This is a bedroom for three girls: Zoja, Bianka and Gaja, the Monika Lenarczyk’s daughters, a Polish photographer and blogger. With Scandinavian vibe and a little bit of the French touch, this shared room is very special, but it doesn’t look like something out of a cold or distant catalogue.

The white base is combined with soft colours and some graphic splashes. The room is full of light and lovely details. You can recognise the Magnet wallpaper rabbit from Groovy Magnets, the mint cabinet from Wood szczęścia or the shell-shaped sleep bags – carpets from Kutikai. Each girl has her own bed and the older sisters share the workspace.

shared-room-three-girls3 shared-room-three-girls2

Garlands, wall stickers and cushions are details that add charm to the nooks. Boxes and shelves are perfect to keep the room tidy and serve as storage for toys and books.


The kid’s study area is functional in a minimum space. The desk, also from Wood szczęścia, take up a little space but it’s practical and striking.

shared-room-three-girls5 shared-room-three-girls6

We love the contrast between pieces: each bed is different, a robust stool looks good with a modern pineapple lamp, and an antique mirror can combine with a modern crib from Kutikai.



Monika loves changing and reuse furniture pieces. Maybe you remember the muted pink shelf she hanged in the former Gaja’s corner in the master bedroom. A little desk and a low chair from Les Gambettes are ideal for the youngest.

shared-room-three-girls12 shared-room-three-girls13 shared-room-three-girls14

Monika has also created a lovely corner for her daughters in the living room. She chose another desk and shelves for artistic activities and the child’s camp bed from Número 74 for resting.

This house is plenty of good ideas, isn’t it? What about you? Do you reserve some space for kids in your living room?

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