If you have two children you can make them share a room although you have more at home. On this way, you will reinforce the link between brothers and, furthermore, it will help them with children’s common fears (like darkness, monsters, etc). In addition, their childhood will be funnier because they will always have a partner to share their adventures.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

Today we bring you a children’s bedroom inspired by Scandinavian Style. It is shared by two brothers. Here, light is optimized by the great combination of materials and colours.


We can clearly differentiate three zones: Storage place. As soon as you come into the room you’ll find a wardrobe with four white boxes on it to avoid overdoing. The resting space. We can find two beds in the middle of the room and, finally, the playing zone on the opposite side of the room where there are a trunk full of toys, a blackboard and a table to play or draw.

One of the main pieces is the kids’ beds, the Minnen model by IKEA. They are made of white lacquered steel so they look lighter. Opposite them, there are two white chairs, perfect to leave the clothes. The chairs and the trunk provide a natural touch to the room. The pennants and the garland add an original look to space. We really love garlands in children’s bedrooms!


As you can see in this room, you can create a shared room with space enough for everything without overdoing. You just need a bit of imagination and planning!