Today I show you a singular project focused on the beauty of simplicity. Inspirados (Inspired) is a decor shop with artisanal products that values functional, clean and simple design.

Their little furniture evokes balance, proportion and purity of form. They focus on natural materials that change over time, as wood, leather or cotton, raw materials without much ostentation. All their products are made in workshops in Barcelona.

Let’s take a look at their 2015 collection:


A stylish mirror, shelf or grow chart are some of our favourite products. A decor design that will embellish your home instantly.

kids-stuff-GROW-product design-living-inspirados Grow is a rule that intend to capture moments in time of the little ones. It consists of a board of solid fir wood and 4 coloured pieces that fit into the recesses (they serve to mark different heights).

kids-decor-N_LO- product design-inspiradosLi- Ho, a beautiful pair of mirrors that looks great in any nook of the house.



Drop is the concept of closet led to the least and necessary. Consisting of a strip of solid fir wood, two leather straps that suspend the ceiling and a set of pockets of cotton and natural leather.

teppe-AU_M-product-design-inspirados teppe-AU_M-product-design-inspirados2

JAU_M is a teepee for children. It’s made of solid spruce wood, cotton fabric and leather details. This tent is assembled quickly and easily.

kids-decor-noire-blackboard-inspirados kids-decor-noire-blackboard-inspirados2

Noire is a blackboard with house shaped for kids and adults alike. A simple and lovely design, isn’t it?

You can find all the pieces on the Inspirados website.