Mastro Geppetto is the name of the craftsman, who made Pinocchio. But also is a Japanese wooden toys brand. All the toys are designed by Shuhei Tominaga and made by woodworking craftspeople from Minami Aizu.

Here are my  favourites:


Cubicolo quadro 

Cubicolo is designed to allow kids for more creativity; not only to pile them up, it can be put in, put together, and composed. There are 3 types in this series, base / quadro / triangolo depend on kids’ age and skills. Winner of the 2012 Good Design Award.



It’s a simple toy that when you hit the chimney on the garage, the car comes out. Kids can enjoy playing by racing the distance, or using the numbered cards included in the packaging.



Twelve wooden animal pieces presented in a beautiful cedar box. Make a story as you move the pieces, combine with the wooden building blocks or vehicle toys or enjoy the bath.

A few years ago, Shuhei Tominaga designed another great toys for Mapa. Here two of them.



With 38 coloured pieces, you can make a whole range of funny faces of interesting varying patterns and colours.



Tower (inspired by Torre Guinigi in Lucca, Italy) and building blocks. This simple game allows the kids to observe the color / sound / movement of the pieces.