A Russian  toy brand created by Anastasia, a designer, and Vasily, an architect .This talented couple of professionals bring us to the XIX and XX century rich cultural life in Russia, where creativity and art wrapped everything. Their traditional toys remind all those values but they have been updated to provide lots of fun to today’s kids while they stimulate their imagination. “OUR TOYS ARE MORE THAN A GAME, IT’S ARTISTRY!”

What Can You Find?

Their creations are specially designed to bring that traditional magic of childhood. Kids will enjoy “… traditional and safe high-quality educational toys made of natural resources and pleasant to hold, fit to be passed over generations. On the other hand, they are innovative and attractive modern games with a multitude of possible outcomes, not unlike an app you can always take with you. Parents and children alike find exactly what they look for in SHUSHA products.”  This is one of those charming brands which knows exactly what kids need and try to offer it with products plenty of thrill, care and-of course- an amazing design!


These characteristic toys show an amazing design, specially created to perform the game patterns developed by the brand. Shusha is really involved in the game because it’s the main company’s goal!


Shusha cooperates with teachers and child psychiatrists to explain them how to use the toys to get the best results with kids. They have their own tutorial to take advantage of their design’s benefits.