Who has not played with a rock or a stick when was a child?  We all have collect leaves and stones and have picked up branches into the woods. The stones can be stacked, leaves and fruits can be used to draw and sticks are perfect play swords.

Inspired by this kind of plays, Water & Lightning makes simple and modern toys with nature-evocative forms and shapes:  Stick & Stones, Pebbles and The stick.  All of them are hand-painted with non-toxic, water-based acrylic paints.

Let’s see these simple, open-ended, nature-filled playthings.



Stick & Stones

These stacking blocks are made of Poplar and painted in bright colours. Each piece is unique in shape and size which makes stacking more challenging. The addition of the branch and stick shape adds a more complex balancing element to the gameplay.




These blocks are a little easier to stack. The shapes of this wooden blocks are formed by randomly cutting off their corners at different angles to create the natural forms. Through this process, the final objects are unique.


The stick

Hand-crafted from a light colored hardwood. A simple, colorful tool for play. We just need imagination and desire to have a good time!

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