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Image credit: Four Cheeky Monkeys

White, light and bright isn’t always the answer. In fact, as we have discovered during our internet travels recently, dark walls can be JUST as much fun!

We are not saying that you should paint every wall black, but painting one wall in a darker hue is most definitely an option you should consider. In doing so, you will create an immediate impact in the room and create a stunning base to set off bright neon and metallic coloured accessories (as shown in the picture above, with those amazing pink wall decals and bright yellow bed, or the wall in the photo below, scattered all over with sweet star wall decals):


Image credit: Hartendief

Dark walls look beautiful with contrasting white walls, ceiling, floor (and furniture) – just add a dinosaur decal, and away you go!


Image sourced on Louis Le Sec 

 Keeping the darker walls plain can look just as striking (as shown below). Keep it super simple by adding contrasting bed linen, and hang a bright garland for a pop of colour against the wall:


Image credit: Camomile London

 For all fans of monochrome – go BLACK! Just look how stunning the black wall looks, with those clear perspex shelves displaying a rainbow of favourite book covers (and on a side note, how clever is the built-in toy car storage too?)


 perspex shelves

Image credits: Love & Lion

And lastly, don’t forget about chalkboard paint… Paint the whole wall, or, as shown below, create a simple outline shape (think house, cityscape or mountains) for an eye-catching feature and hours of creative fun.


Image credit: Room to Bloom

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