Skate-Home was born from the marriage between two passions of the founders: skateboarding and interior design. The idea came about when María and Manuel were decorating their children’s room. Now, they create a unique and personal furniture for your home, office or shop.

They design furniture using real skateboards and transform them into a wide range of products: coat racks, lamps, bookends, shelves, etc. And, of course, the product names come from tricks of skateboarder (nollie flip, pivot grind, backflip, etc.).

Here are some of my favourites:

Skateboard Mirror and Coat rack

Manual Skateboard Mirror and Nosegrind Coat Rack


 No Comply Stool


Crooked Coat Rack


 Skateboard Wall Clock – Boneless


 Skate Stool – Nollie Flip


Skateboard Lamp – Casper

Skate-Home furniture is handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods to achieve a sturdy product. We think some of these durable, clean and fun designs would be perfect for a kids’ room (or teenager’s room)!

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Pictured at top: Nosegrab Chair