A small collection of artwork to make you smile

Dogs by Denodada from her inspiring blog all is full of love

Happy Spring to all of Petit & Small’s readers! I hope the sun is shining for you today, it certainly is here in the South of France, and I am enjoying every golden ray.

Spring always feels like a fresh start, more so than January for me. As soon as I see cherry blossom, daisies and buttercups, I feel alive. Suddenly I have a million and one projects, mostly involving our home.

Cute tepee wall hanging made from a vintage plate

Pink floral tepee wall hanging made from a vintage porcelain plate by Little Bubalishka

I’ve started spring cleaning already and I’ve decided that it’s time to be ruthless, pare down to basics and really enjoy the things we have. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t like accessories, I do, I love interior design, but I like to think that just a few, simple, carefully-chosen handmade pieces in a clean, no-fuss space are often all you need.

Claudia’s powder blue dolls are perfect for adding a touch of colour to any room!

I recently discovered the work of Berlin-based artist Claudia at Studio Oink Selected and I love everything she makes

As you can see, today I’ve chosen to focus on all things small and beautiful. I’ve put together a selection of tiny finds from some of my favourite children’s blogs and shops. Obviously, these choices are very personal, but hopefully they will encourage you to be creative with your kids’ rooms by either crafting your own décor, using what you already have or buying from and supporting local or international artists.

Quirky handmade dolls by Pondělí

Do you know the Czech blog Pondělí? If you don’t, you’re in for a treat. I have a soft spot for Czech kids’ / craft blogs in general, and the photography is always beautiful in this one in particular. Take your time, enjoy every single image! Soft toys handmade with love are ideal for play and display!

Perfectly petite – love Elly Mackay’s artwork for children!

The Weather Minders, archival print by Elly Mackay, Theater Clouds

I’ve always been fascinated by miniatures, teeny tiny worlds, dolls’ houses and all their accessories. Elly Mackay creates the most wonderfully poetic archival prints, all very magical and inspiring for a kid’s space. It’s hard choosing just one to share!

Up, up and away – Atelier Zéphyro’s mobiles are dreamy!

Similarly, In France, Atelier Zéphyro takes commissions for gorgeous handmade, hand-engraved paper and metal mobiles up to 30 cm in diameter. Wouldn’t this look stunning in a nursery? I love everything this lady makes quite frankly! A gem of a shop – like I said, small is beautiful, eh?