Sharing a room with your sibling is so fun, especially when you’re a little kid. But it’s not only about fun; sometimes there aren’t enough rooms in the house and so sharing is the only way. There are lots of fun and practical ways to make the most of a shared room, even if it’s a small space.

A shared room means having two beds of course. In a small space this can be tricky but with a little imagination and creativity, each child can still have their own little space.

One of the easiest ways to save space in a shared room is to get a bunk bed, but bunk beds don’t always have to mean the typical one above the other which can still look heavy in a small room.  Instead, we’re loving the idea pictured above where they’ve created a loft bed with another single bed below.  This room is small and narrow but they’ve made the most of the space for two kids.

Here are some more inspiring ideas on making the most of a shared kids room, especially small rooms:

In this small room, we’re loving how each child has their own space. By decorating the two sides differently yet in a complementary way, they’ve made the most of this small bedroom.

This is a really clever idea for a shared kids room – making one long bed that easily fits two kids. The added benefit is the storage underneath, perfect for all those toys. By using one wall for the bed, the rest of the room is left free for play space. This idea would work so well in any room but especially in a long, narrow room.

It’s not always possible to custom make furniture so you can use the same idea by placing two shop bought beds against the wall, like in this room.  They’ve added under bed storage here too. This really frees up a lot of floor space and by keeping the bed linen in similar tones and patterns, the look is very clean.

This is a small shared room that is more of a squarish size so the beds against the two walls work well.  We love that even though this is a small space, it’s so big on style and personality showing us that small rooms never have to be boring.

Which is your favourite room?

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