Post by Jenny Thomas from Smallprint

Make reading an essential part of your children’s lives is one of the best gifts you can give them. Books are one of my favorite ways to foster imagination in children. Reading quality books sparks the creativity, enriches the vocabulary and can throw open a window to the world. Books provide inspiration and reflection, and improve communication skills. Reading a book doesn’t have to be where the story ends. Kids can have fun creatively expressing what they have read or an opportunity to invent new characters or stories. Furthermore, reading provides parents with more chances to bond with their children.

Today Jenny Thomas from Smallprint tell us her story and love for books. Smallprint is an award winning children’s bookshop curating excellent books made for kids and loved by all ages. They are passionate about captivating storytelling, big and bold illustrations and awe-inspiring pop-ups. Moreover, they not also sell hand picked titles but also unique prints for the nursery and home. 

Jenny has also selected 5 great children’s books that the kid will enjoy and the adult will appreciate (click through the title of the book and go to her shop to see all the details).

Smallprint: The Story

Bored of our relentless story-time routine, and spurred on by a need to carve out some ‘quality’ time with our eldest child, Smallprint was first imagined in 2014. The aim was to scratch the surface of the ‘usual suspects’, those high street book heroes that are read night after night to your occasional dismay and your child’s disinterest. After a bit of digging we found a few gems that were both beautiful and stimulating, suddenly the door was opened to this relatively unknown world where amazing children’s stories meet with awesome artwork and great design.

Armed with £300 worth of stock and a logo, we had our Rodney and Del Boy moment at a 2014 Christmas market in SE London. To our amazement everything sold and we developed a lot of local interest, there followed a Deliveroo style business of book delivery whilst the website was built and launched in 2015.

Smallprint is now a busy online shop focusing on quality over quantity; every book we sell must either be beautiful, interactive, inspiring, funny, well-designed and illustrated or preferably all of the above. By always remaining true to this ambition, we have ensured that each of our 200+ books are special, timeless and won’t make your eyes or ears bleed. Each book is designed to increase the fun and engagement between adult and child, to ensure those few minutes you carve out of a busy day make everyone smile a bit more.

The personal approach is really important to us and we love being tagged in shelfies and posts, seeing where our books pop up. We welcome questions, requests for further info and you can always see inside on Instagram stories if you ask! Our books are always wrapped and we love writing cards to say thank hello and thank you.


 Smallprint: 5 Gorgeous Children’s Books



Through The Forest

We love interactive kid’s books and this is reminiscent of the choose your own adventure books I fondly remember as a child. It is beautifully illustrated by French Graphic Designer Steffie Brocoli and features simple choices to change the journey so you can soar in the skies or scamper up a tree. We recommend it for children aged 3-6 but it can be loved by all ages!  £12.95



A little belief and imagination can do wonders for the soul and this is another book that packs a seriously stimulating punch. There is someone calling in the book and you need to figure out who it is using your fingers, ears, eyes and nose.  As you tiptoe through the forest, take shelter from the rain and make adventurous discoveries you get closer to the answer…£12.99



This new release is an example of some of the incredible illustrated non-fiction around at the moment.  Jam-packed with characterful illustration, this is an appealing way for animal lovers to learn all sorts of beastly facts.  Did you know that a hippo can make its own suncream or why a beaver has an orange tooth?  Travel through wolves, lions and porcupines discovering footprints, claws and growls along the way.  £12.95.


The latest release in the Touch Think Learn series takes the sensory discovery up a level.  This beautifully tactile board book features die cut shapes and raised elements to touch, with the addition of removable pieces to aid manual dexterity. Aimed at babies and toddlers, trace the journey of the little bird from the foot of the tree through friendship and family. £11.99



A beautiful story that follows a little fish as she travels downriver into the unknown. A pleasure to read, the rhyming text is accompanied by colourful, collage-style artwork from Japanese illustrator Hanako Clulow. We recommend this timeless picture book for any intrepid explorer eager to see where the journey takes them! £10.99